Every donations of your love will be used for:

Partnering Hospital Performance

Dr. Red Nose is partnering with six hospitals in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung every week, providing customized performances and companion for everyone, whether they are in the general ward, cancer ward, or intensive care unit.

Local Artists Training

To nurture aspiring actors and actresses, to devote their professional performing arts skills to community service, to accumulate more accompanying energy for performances, and to arrange continuous training and appraisals to ensure that actors and actresses maintain the best physical and mental condition and performance quality.

Education Promotion

To promote Dr. Red Nose to non-partnering medical care organizations or educational institutions in various counties and cities, to conduct promotional performances or educational lectures, so that more people can meet Dr.Red Nose and become aware of and support friendly medical care and holistic health care. We're the workshop designed for frontline medical staff, social workers, special education and other support workers to help those who have to work with a lot of emotions in the workplace to encourage them.

Operation of the Association

Logistics costs include personnel, administration, fundraising activities, etc. Each show requires countless hours of communication, coordination, and administrative work to keep Dr. Red Nose's warm companionship going.

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